NCC Strategy

Future Strategic Vision of National Consultative council & its General-secretariat Activity

The vision:

"We made it for our assistance, and participating in the Ruling responsibility for the benefit of the people"

Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in the National Consultative Council Inauguration

The object of the council establishment:

The council is considered a controlling, legislative and consultative body which constitutes a part of the public legislative authority. It was established in addition to the governmental panel in the aim of supporting H/H / the Country Ruler and the Executive Council in managing Public affairs therein and its specializations are:
discussing by-laws and public topics as well as putting questions to the Executive Council Chairman and members, getting acquainted with international pacts and agreements which are held by the Emirate with foreign bodies and receiving the citizens' complaints and petitions.


  • reinforcement of bonds between the council and the Emirate's people.
  • Activation of cooperation between the council and the local government.
  • Activation of legislative jurisdiction and heading for making it a complete authorization.
  • Support of membership powers.
  • Support and development of the General-secretariat.

First object: reinforcement of bonds between the council and the Emirate's people.

Increasing and reinforcing bonds between the council and citizens' all social classes in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi enabling the council to carry out its role as their representative and as an expressive of their will and to participate with such role in supporting the bases of national unity and consultation and achieving the cohesion between the leaders and the people.

The achievement of such object entails the following:

1/1 Jurisdiction activation by receiving petitions and complaints and the follow-up of its results after being approved by the council.
1/2 Endeavour to bring out the council's picture to the public opinion and consolidating trust in its role.
1/3 Direct communication between the council and the citizens in all locations and regions in the Emirate.

Second Object: Activation of cooperation between the council and the local government.

Activating cooperation and accomplishing effective solidarity and perfect harmony between the council as a consultative legislative body and the government (the Executive Council) in the frame of balance and integration among the Emirate's public authorities according to the provisions of law.

The achievement of such object entails the following:

1/1 The legal obligation towards the governmental bodies to enable the council to exercise its jurisdictions.
2/2 Reinforcement of legal relations and bonds with the honorable Executive Council.

Third Object: Activation of legislative jurisdiction and heading for making it a complete authorization.

The council shall have jurisdiction over the discussion of draft laws, study of its particulars and the consequences and results of their application. In such manner, it constitutes a consultative body competent with the local legislative affairs which exercises its role to verify the correctness of laws and legislations that are determined to be promulgated and the extent of their harmony and accordance with the legislative and statutory fact within the country in order to prevent conflict between local laws and legislations by putting them to a discussion before the council to show its remarks and recommendations about them before referring them to the high authority for authentication and promulgation. In this way, the council and the country shall have the opportunity necessary for the stability of local legislations and laws on the basis of profound research and intensive discussions aiming to sealing gaps, leaving disputes behind and treating weakness points in its contents or its drafting reaching legislative jurisdiction to be a complete authorization to contribute in the treatment of the local legislative fact.

Fourth Object: Support of membership powers.

Supporting and promoting membership powers to accomplish the council objects by providing sufficient information and data to be familiar with public affairs issues and awareness of national interests.

Fifth object:

With regard to the interrelation between the council and the General-secretariat, the support of each one shall reflect on the other. Therefore, the importance of this object lies in its being an important fulcrum in favor of achieving the earlier four objects. The attainment of this object shall serve such objects and lead to support the council efforts and backing its role.

This shall entail the following:

1/5 Fostering the role of studies, researches and legal affairs and providing them with cadres, references and capabilities which are required in achieving such object.
2/5 Setting up effective mechanisms to coordinate the General-secretariat works and direct it in the sake of the council's objects and achievement of its objects.
3/5 Providing the requirements, material and human capabilities needed for enabling the General-secretariat to perform its duties and responsibilities.
4/5 Enhancing and developing human relations among the General-secretariat staff.
5/5 Using public relations efforts in the service of the council objects and boosting its picture with public opinion.

Achievement of the plan objects:

This plan, together with its main and branch objects, forms an overall vision to steer and develop the performance of the council and its General-secretariat during a specified period lasting for two full legislative terms and to be extended for four years period commencing on the date of its approval and ratification. Accordingly, a detailed work plan will be set up for the plan execution stages and the determination of bases and conditions of this according to the resolutions and instructions of the council and General-secretariat to the organizational units which are in charge of the execution after providing the required capabilities, mechanism and means suitable for each of its stages which are related to time schedules and studied practical steps.