NCC Departments Tasks


Administrative Resolution No. (49) for 2010, regarding duties and authorities of Organizational Units in NCC General Secretariat

NCC's Chairman:

  • Perusal to the Law no. (2) for 1971, regarding NCC and the amendments.
  • And the Amiri Decree no. (39) for 1972, regarding NCC's By-law and the amendments.
  • And the Administrative Resolution no. (26) for 2010, regarding issuance of Organizational Restructure of NCC.
  • And pursuant to presentations of secretary general of NCC and our approval thereof.
  • And for requirements of the work process and benefit.

Resolved the following:

Article (1)

Unless the context requires otherwise, the following words shall have the meanings opposite to each:

  • The Emirate : Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Government : Abu Dhabi Executive Council
  • The Law : the Law no. (2) for 1971, regarding NCC and the amendments.
  • By-law : NCC's by-law issued by the amiri decree no. 39) for 1972 the amendments.
  • Related Laws : federal and local laws, rules and regulations relate to the Council and General Secretariat and its relations with other bodies and regulations of public service.
  • Council : National Consultative Council
  • General Secretariat : NCC General Secretariat
  • Chairman : NCC's chairman
  • Secretary General : NCC's secretary general
  • Organizational Structure: the administrative dividing of the General Secretariat of the NCC into higher, medium and lower departments, and determines its authorities, duties and mutual relations with council and other authorities in the Emirate.

NCC's Chairman:

Article (2)

The chairman is the higher administrative authority in the council and the general secretariat. He practices his duties and authorities in respect of the Council employees and customers pursuant to the responsibilities invested to departments' directors and who is in their positions in the emirate according to context of the law, by-laws and related regulations.

Article (3)

  • The chairman represents the council in communications with other authorities and departments. Speaks on behalf of the council and supervises all acts and committees.
  • If the chairman is absent or hindered the vice chairman shall undertake the presidency. If the vice chairman is absent or hindered the council shall be chaired by the eldest attended member.
  • The chairman may delegate in his absence all his authorities and powers to his vice. The vice chairman replaces the chairman in all the authorities if his absence continued for more than 4 continual weeks.

Secretary General

Article (4)

The secretary general is the administrative authority supervises the execution of the works and acts of NCC's General Secretariat. He is appointed by amiri decree, in grade of Circuit Deputy. He practices on the General Secretariat's employees the authorities and powers delegated to circuits' deputy in the emirate. He acts under direct supervision of the chairman.

Article (5)

  • The secretary general helps the council through the General Secretariat and provides the necessary supporting and to practice the following duties and powers:
  • Direct supervising on acts and works of organizational units in General Secretariat in respect of financial, managerial and technical aspects.
  • Represents the Council before the official and non official authorities.
  • Executing the resolutions and recommendations of the chairman which have actual connection with the council.
  • Coordinating between the council and the General Secretariat in the issues relate to the council needs and requirements. And supervises the implementation through the concerned departments.
  • Continual verification of fulfilling the work requirements in the General Secretariat and sections, and it compliance with the general strategic objectives set out by the government.
  • Following up the progressive development and improve of work standards in the departments and sections and the General Secretariat's employees. And providing the prerequisite instructions, directions and advices to correct the employees' work conduct if necessary.
  • Attending the council meetings and various committees meetings and advising the concerned department to provide the necessary requirements to success such meetings when and where held.
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the chairman.

Council's Chairman's Office

Article (6)

The council chairman office shall be directed by a high grade employee, not less than grade of department director. He shall act directly under supervision of council chairman and secretary general. He receives from them the necessary work's orders and instructions, and presents to them the periodical reports. Specifically he practices and acts the following duties.
  • Executes and implement the orders and instructions of the chairman and secretary general.
  • Direct supervision on the office duties and activities according to the approved plans and programs.
  • Issuing the prerequisite orders and instructions to his subordinate employees to direct the work process in accordance with plans and objectives.
  • Liaisons and coordinates with the related out authorities; such as official departments, corporations and semi official. Particularly on the order and request of the council chairman and secretary general.
  • Supervising and verifying all correspondences and communications issued or received by the council chairman.
  • Supervising the organization of the council chairman's official meetings, and attending the council meetings with the chairman to provide his requirements and needs.
  • Maintaining the records and posts, and supervising printing works for the chairman.
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the chairman and the secretary general.

Secretary General's Office

Article (7)

Secretary General's Office shall carry out the following duties:-

  • Executing the instructions and orders issued by the secretary general.
  • Executing the office duties and activities in accordance with the general secretary plans and programs.
  • Organizing the receptions, events and occasions relate to the secretary general.
  • Providing and following up the communications for the secretary general from the related bodies.
  • Maintaining the records and posts, and supervising printing works for the secretary general.
  • Coordinating with the Assistant Secretary General and the concerned departments in all the work requirements relate to instructions of the secretary general.
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the secretary general.

Performance Development & Control Office

Article (8)

This office shall be directed by a higher employee of the general secretariat, not less than grade of department director. The office objective is developing work system in the general secretariat, and supervising the outputs quality, payables internal audit. The office acts under supervision of secretary general. Specifically practices and acts the following duties:-
  • Managing the strategic planning, and establishing the short and long term objectives, purposes and programs of strategic planning in accordance with vision, mission and directive principles of the secretary general.
  • Assure all the employees acquired the necessary skills and knowledge through the prerequisite training programs.
  • Assure the ratification and compliance with the policies and procedures of the general secretariat activities.
  • Supervising data analysis, and preparing main performance indicators in all the departments.\
  • Reversing the strategic plans development, and work detailed plan, and coordinating development and planning process.
  • Identifying power and weakness points, and risks, options of development and improvement through identifying and analysis strategic planning inputs.
  • Managing and verifying the results of performance assessment in all departments, and assure the compliance with the general secretariat instructions.
  • Verifying management reports forms for all the achieved activities; such as objectives setout, preparing main performance indicators, etc.
  • Set out the appropriate internal auditing plans and programs for the various departments.
  • Periodical financial auditing and control on the departments to assure the proper implementation of annual budgets articles that are accredited to each department.
  • Providing support and assistance to external auditing office, and coordinate with to verify the correct and accuracy of financial procedures in the general secretariat.
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the secretary general.

Assistant Secretary General

Article (9)

The assistant secretary general shall be appointed pursuant to amiri decree in grade of department deputy subject to the law provisions and by-law. He acts under the direct supervision of the secretary general and receives the work instructions from him and presents to him the periodical reports along with prerequisite observations. Specifically he acts the following duties and authorities:-
  • Assists in managing and organizing the general secretariat's affairs and executes the accredited policies.
  • Participates in nomination of candidates for appointment in the general secretariat.
  • Assists in supervising the work process in the various departments, sections and organizational units and pursuit to developing and activating the performance.
  • Participating in evaluation of departments and sections' performance efficiency and effectiveness, makes observations, instructions, and sets out policies required for work progressing.
  • Supervising the set out and applying of the developing plans and programs to assure the promotion of quality standard required for the job performance in accordance with the secretary general instructions.
  • Undertakes the secretary general duties and authorities if he in vacation or absent for any reason.
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the secretary general.

Legal Department

Article (10)

Legal department shall be chaired by a legal advisor appointed by amiri decree, subject to the law and by-law provisions. He acts under the direct supervision of the chairman and secretary general. With the assistance of number of advisors, assistants, and legal researchers, he provides legal supporting and assistance to the council, members and various committees. Specifically he practices and acts the following duties and authorities:-
  • Advises and presents opinions in the legal issues referred by the chairman, the secretary general and various departments in general secretariat.
  • Follow up the laws and statutory were issued in the Emirate and immediately provides the chairman and secretary general with all amendments thereof.
  • Prepares drafts of resolutions, circulars, regulations and laws required for the general secretariat, departments and organizational units therein.
  • Represents the general secretariat in conventions, conferences, committees and legal symposiums and seminars.
  • Writing the reports that are referred to the council and relate to subjects required in the sessions and committees' meetings.
  • Pursuant to assignment from the chairman or the secretary general, he conducts administrative investigations in all violations committed by the general secretariat's employees.
  • Studying the complaining is referred to him by the chairman or the secretary general in respect of general secretariat's employees.
  • Preparing studies, correspondences and communications likely legal and relate to council works and the general secretariat in accordance with the duties assigned by the chairman or the secretary general.
  • Undertaking all the legal acts and duties relate to the council and the general secretariat.
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the secretary general.

Financial and Procurement Department

Article (11)

The department shall practice the following duties and authorities:-
  • Executing and apply the financial and accounting policies in the council and the general secretariat.
  • Study the draft of annual budget for the council and the general secretariat in coordinate with secretary general to be referred to chairman before it presented to concerned authority for the approval.
  • Preparing financial statements, budget and balance sheets in coordination with secretary general, subject to the authorized powers.
  • Maintaining the general secretariat's financial and accounting statements and procurements records.
  • Maintaining records, organizational, administrative and technical managing the procurements operations in the general secretariat.
  • Maintaining invoices, bills and financial documents, and preparing such for internal and external audit procedures.
  • Preparing for annual inventory under supervision of the secretary general.
  • Maintaining the all records relate to expenses, returns and incomes to control payable and receivables, control receiving and payment operations and assure it take place in accordance with approved procedures.
  • Undertaking all administrative and technical requirements relate to financial, accounting and procurement affairs in the general secretariat.
  • Any other duties assigned by the general secretary.

HR Department

Article (12)

This department practices the following duties and authorities:-
  • Executing plans, programs and policies are set out for human resources and assure the compliance with human resources regulations in general secretariat and the related laws and statutory.
  • Setting up plans and programs required for developing administrative and structural organization in the general secretariat.
  • Preparing jobs formations schedules and annually identifying vacancies in coordination with concerned authorities.
  • Setting up the appropriate plans and programs for training employees in the general secretariat in accordance with the work needs and requirements.
  • Implementing the procedures of vacancies and procurements announcing subject to the approvals of higher management and concerned departments in the general secretariat.
  • Preparing the proposals and forms relate to performance assessment for general secretariat's employees in accordance with related regulations applied in the similar governmental departments.
  • Continual and periodical following up the updating of employment procedures, assessment and job planning, files, self and vocational training.
  • Proposing programs and plans that guarantee work environment improvement, job performance development and achieving the required satisfaction for work.
  • Applying and implementing HR polices and procedures subject to related laws, rules and regulations.
  • Preparing job discretion cards and verifying the compliance with qualifications, experiences and practical duties of all general secretariats' employees.
  • Any other duties assigned by the secretary general.

Information Technology Department

Article (13)

The department carries out the following duties and authorities:-
  • Providing the integrated infrastructure for the general secretariat; such as computers, servers and software appropriate with the general secretariat needs.
  • Applying the general policy of the general secretariat relates to IT operations, developing computer services, enlarging computer usage in general secretariat.
  • New programs planning, analyzing, designing mechanic systems and replace them with manual systems in all the possible work fields.
  • Building a database and verifying integrity and continual update to be as information bank.
  • Providing technical and professional support for the council and the general secretariat.
  • Proposing training courses for computer users in the general secretariat in all job levels in coordination with HR department or Training and Developing Section.
  • Providing appropriate solutions for word process and data troubleshoot, maintenance and systems and resolving the problems encounter the devices and users.
  • Assuring permanent and prompt providing the departments with the required computers, programs and accessories.
  • Any other duties assigned by the secretary general.

Public Relationship & Media Department

Article (14)

The department carries out the following duties and authorities:-
  • Introducing the council mission, objectives, philosophy and various activities.
  • Supervising news and media materials come in the council website, periodical updating in coordination with IT department.
  • Fulfilling the requirements and needs of various departments in the general secretariat and higher management that is related to public relationship.
  • Providing the needs of official occasions such as opening council conventions and sessions, guests' reception, providing sessions and committees' prerequisites.
  • Securing the safety of the council's and general secretariat's offices, promises and assets, except computers and its accessories.
  • Supervising the vehicles management and operation.
  • Representing the council and general secretariat in the official occasions, and speak in the name of higher management, subject to instruction of the chairman or secretary general.
  • Following up bulletins and news are published or announced about the council, and provided proper environment for keeping the records, and collecting, classifying the information relate to the general secretariat and council activities. And furnishing the Mass Media with news, pursuant to the general secretary instruction.
  • Providing the need of the general secretariat and council for hosting services, security, and supervising such services to assure the proper performance.
  • Following up and implementing prerequisites and needs of the higher management, council members, and the general secretariat senior employees and delegated to the related authorities.
  • Any other duties assigned by the secretary general.

Department of East Area Affairs

Article (15)

The department carries out the following duties and authorities:-
  • Preparing the meetings of the council committees concern with affairs of the east area and provide and the needs and necessaries thereto in coordination with the concerned departments.
  • Supervising the recording and registering sessions minutes and records after ratified and signed by the concerned members, and writing the necessary recommendations in coordination with the legal department.
  • Liaison and communicate with the other governmental departments and authorities in the limit of the required work.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with sessions and members' affairs management and other departments and sections in the General Secretariat to assure the work integration in all aspects.
  • Any other works or duties assigned by the secretary general.

Sessions and Members Affairs Management

Article (16)

This department practices the following duties and authorities:-
  • Preparing the council and various committees meetings, providing necessary information in respect of the discussed subjects.
  • Maintaining and writing the sessions' records and minutes in coordination with legal department, and sign and ratify by the chairman.
  • Communication and liaison with out side related bodies and official departments upon the secretary general, committees and members' requests.
  • Providing the chairman and members' needs and requirements, such as public relation directly relate to council's affairs.
  • Coordinating with the research and study department to provide the required information and data, such as preparing sessions, meetings and committees.
  • Inviting members to attend social, community and official events upon the request of the concerned bodies and the secretary general's instruction.
  • Archiving the sessions and committees' meetings in coordination with the concerned department.
  • Any other duties assigned by the secretary general.

Research and Study Department

Article (17)

This department practices the following duties and authorities:-
  • Helping the secretary general to set up the policies and programs relate to the council research.
  • Following up the publications, periodicals and media bulletins which have a research form.
  • Communicating with the related foreign bodies such as official and semi official corporations, information centers in order to follow up the latest updates in the domain of information and data collecting.
  • Preparing studies and work papers are required by the council and the committees in all aspects of subjects being discussed in the council.
  • Providing the council with the required surveys', studies and data to make recommendations built on accurate and scientific studies.
  • Coordination and progressive liaison with legal department to assure the entire integration of the required work upon the request of the council and General Secretariat.
  • Supervising the library and assure the permanent providing of the necessary books, references and periodicals.
  • Any other duties assigned by the secretary general.

General Rules

Article (18)

The duties and authorities mentioned below each department and organizational unit in the NCC's General Secretariat shall not limit to what had been stipulated therein, any addition may set out upon the chairman or secretary general instructions as the case maybe.

Article (19)
The approved job description cards and job duties set out therein for each job, are deemed an integrated part of this resolution.

Article (20)
Any resolution or decision contradicts with the provisions herein, shall be revoked and nil.

Article (21)
All bodies and departments shall be informed by this resolution and work accordingly each as concerned, from the date of issuing.

Issued on 20-9-2010

Abdul Allah Bin Mohammad AlMasoud
Chairman of NCC