About General Secretariat

Synopsis about the General-Secretariat:

The National Consultative Council General-Secretariat plays an important role in the service of the council and its members, in the preparation of its sessions and its committees' meeting, in submission of the information, data and statistics required by the council permanent committees and in the execution of the resolutions of the council and committees.

The council by-law has clarified that the General-Secretariat is regulated by a resolution to be passed by the council chairman including the detailed provisions in relation with the administrative, financial and legal affairs.

The General-Secretariat is headed by a secretary-general to be appointed by an Emiri decree according to the council chairman nomination. He shall be responsible for the General-Secretariat affairs and employees before the council chairman. He shall attend the council ordinary meetings and be entitled with the council consent to attend its closed sessions. He should be present in the committees' meeting if required by the committees.

The secretary-general shall be entitled, concerning the council officials, to the powers determined by laws and regulations for the department under secretary concerning his department affairs and its employees.

The National Consultative Council assistant secretary general undertakes to help the secretary general in the supervision of the General-Secretariat affairs and its employees within the powers and jurisdictions vested with him by the secretary-general.

The administrative, financial, purchases and contracts regulation provisions of the National Consultative Council which were promulgated by resolution No (1) of 2004G passed by the National Consultative Council chairman, shall be applied on all the council employees and servants.

The General-Secretariat organizational frame consists of the General-Secretariat chairmanship (secretary-general and assistant secretary general) and a number of committees which are Follow-up and Execution Committee, Control and Development Committee, Personnel Affairs Committee and Purchases, Tenders and Practices Committee. General-Secretariat is divided into many departments namely Speaker's Office Department, Researches and Studies Department, Legal Department, Administrative Affairs Department, Financial Affairs Department, Services and Public Relations Department, Sessions and Members' Affairs Department, Purchases Department, IT Department and Eastern Province Affairs Department.