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Petitions and Complaints Sorting Committee

Since established in 1971, the National Consulting Council caries out its duties and activates its jurisdictions to receive the Petitions and complaints of the Nationals in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This promotes the mutual confidence and relation between it and the nationals. While carrying out its duties, it handles the issues of the Nationals, recognize their opinions and viewpoints regarding the national issues and transfer their ambitions and expectations into recommendations adopted by the Council and submitted to the supreme executive authorities in the Emirate.

Launching the website of the Council, it started to receive petitions and complaints from the Nationals in Abu Dhabi. This is an important and advanced step on the way of continuous communication with the Nationals and giving them the opportunity for constructive participation to express their opinions regarding the national issues, in addition to fulfilling their interests that the Council may assist in with the competent authorities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The General Secretariat of the National Council hopes that it meets the satisfaction of all the Nationals and fulfills the objectives of the Council.

Petitions and complaints Committee

First: Mission

The Committee is established from amongst the National Council General Secretariat's staff within the framework of the jurisdictions as set forth under the Council Law and By-laws. The Chairman may receive the petitions and complaints filed by the Nationals and take a decision to refer them to the competent committee established from the Council members to follow-up the same and notify the Council being the original competent party to receive the petitions and complaints and decide thereon. The mission of the sorting Committee shall be limited to supporting the Council and committees to receive and sort the petitions and complaints filed by the Nationals in preparation for submitting them to the Chairman for the necessary action.

Second: Duties

These are included in the powers and duties entrusted to the General Secretariat to support the Council, Chairman and committees to carry out their jurisdictions and make easy the performance of their duties, and the Sorting Committee execute its duties under the supervision of the Secretary General. Such duties are limited to receiving of petitions and complaints submitted to the Council, reviewing and sorting them and then referring the findings to the Secretary General for submission to the Chairman to take the necessary action.

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